Prom Night Dresses

We have a large collection of Prom Night Dresses for your Prom Night available to spoil you with. Most of our dresses are in-house designed and are limited to 10 pieces only. The designs ranges from strap-less, tubes, bustier, halter, baby dolls etc.

Our New Mystical Dream Collection

Our designs can fit most sizes as there are lots of different cuttings suitable for anyone. We have a huge array of colours and materials to choose from. Prices our dresses start from $89.90.

We also give an extra service for “unique conscious queens” out there – by recording down the outfit and event that you will be wearing the dress to (during school prom periods from October to December only) so that you can avoid seeing your schoolmate wearing the same prom outfit as you. As promised, unique you 🙂

Love Potion Dress Rack

We have more elaborated & unique (only one piece per design) Prom Night Dresses in-store starting from SGD$599 and up. Please call us or request for an appointment for further discussion or drop us an email foor further enquiry.